Vesa Varrela

I work with various techniques; blown glass, cold glass, mixed materials, combining my ideas based on existing objects or the relics of them.

As a sculptor I see my works as combinations of time, space and combination of material. Triviality and the breaking of the cyclic nature of time are involved in my works and the importance of light as part of my works has been steadily growing.

Recently I have been working and experimenting with "Beautiful objects " using hot techniques: Incalmo, filigrane, ring techniques in a hot glass studio with master blowers. Blown objects are influenced by the Finnish experimental glass art of the sixties, as well as from incredible unique pieces, all of which I have reinterpreted and reworked.

As an artist I feel my responsibility to younger generations is to teach and give lectures as well as exhibit my own and their works in various exhibitions all around the world.